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Rejuvenate your senses, transcend serenity, Annyeong Spa, where bliss meets beauty.

  • 350 UAE dirhams
  • Annyeong Spa

Service Description

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with our Abhayangam massage complemented by Shirodhara therapy. Abhayangam, a traditional Ayurvedic technique using warm herbal oils, deeply nourishes and detoxifies the body, promoting circulation and relaxation of muscles. Paired with Shirodhara, a gentle pouring of warm oil over the forehead, this combination therapy harmonizes the mind and body, alleviating stress, improving sleep quality, and enhancing mental clarity. Reclaim your balance and experience profound tranquility with this unique fusion of ancient healing practices at Annyeong Spa - 30min Massage - 30min Shirodhara

Contact Details

  • Annyeong Spa

    Annyeong Spa & Beauty Center - Oud Al Thouba - near Al Seddiqui Private School - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

    +971 50 755 0563

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