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Hot Stones Massage

Annyeong Spa


Explore Our Massage Services

  • Experience pure bliss with our renowned Signature Massage sessions.

    From 385 UAE dirhams
  • Journey into relaxation and tradition with our Traditional Thai Massag...

    From 315 UAE dirhams
  • Targeted relaxation from head to toe with our comprehensive massage.

    210 UAE dirhams
  • Rejuvenate with the therapeutic touch of our Thai Oil Massage, restori...

    From 385 UAE dirhams
  • Experience the warmth of relaxation. Melt away stress with our Lava Sh...

    From 490 UAE dirhams
  • Elevate relaxation with the essence of Thai herbs in our invigorating ...

    420 UAE dirhams
  • Harmonize your body's balance with our specialized Madero Therapy sess...

    490 UAE dirhams
  • Nurture and restore with our specialized care for postpartum wellness.

    700 UAE dirhams
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