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Annyeong Spa


Explore Our Skincare Services

  • Gain a radiant perfection with our special Korean inspired Glass Skin ...

    700 UAE dirhams
  • Revitalize your back's natural beauty with our rejuvenating skin glow ...

    1,050 UAE dirhams
  • Effervescent beauty awaits with our tailored Bubbly Beauty Facial.

    770 UAE dirhams
  • Illuminate confidence with our specialized Underarm Whitening treatmen...

    490 UAE dirhams
  • Experience an indulgent nourishment and smoothness with our Cream Skin...

    420 UAE dirhams
  • Unveil a dewy complexion and deep hydration with our Honey Skin Facial...

    490 UAE dirhams
  • Rediscover the youthfulness and radiance with our opulent Golden Lift ...

    560 UAE dirhams
  • Awaken with a luminous aura of beauty by our Sacred Glow Facial.

    630 UAE dirhams
  • Crafted uniquely for you, our Signature Facial unveils your inherent b...

    840 UAE dirhams
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